SPI communication from LabVIEW using FT4222

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I've been recently asked to help out with some SPI communication support with FTDI FT4222 device.  For those who don't have idea about this comm., it's one of the famous inter-controller communication method.  The SPI comm. speed with FT4222 can go up to 53.8Mbps.  Really, it's that much speed however you should have board designed for that much speed. Here is a short story on how I did it. I developed low-level LabVIEW drivers which essentially uses the LibFT422 DLL from FTDI.  The 4 important SPI comm., functions to be achieved are SPI Master Read SPI Master Write SPI Slave Read SPI Slave Write After writing the low-level drivers in LabVIEW, I wanted to do the real testing. But to do the real testing, I don't have access to the…
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