TestStand + SVN Diff Configuration

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When you're extensively working in TestStand with multiple developers, you could easily end up in the need of merging the different sequences and TestStand File Diff and Merge Utility comes in handy. However, it would be handier for us to diff the files right from SVN on windows explorer without need to go through the regular file selection dialog box. Here is a quick video on this for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsvqPt8MB0g&feature=youtu.be For LabVIEW diff with merge, there is a good article here from Delacor.
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SVN Externals

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If you are looking to reuse a project which already exists in another project and if you need that new project gets updates of the already existing project then-and-there, there is a very good feature in SVN called as externals to help on this kind of requirements. Advantages You can avoid multiple copies of the same source in SVN/source control repositories. Get updates from the root project as and when there is an update.  So no need to manually copy the project again when there is an update. SVN-logs are maintained for the root project from the new project and hence better historical control. In case you don't need updates from root project, use specific revision to freeze to selective version. How does that works? This can be best explained…
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SVN Error – Currently locked by other user

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When this error happens in your Tortoise SVN Commit screen as shown below, then it means (I assume) that some time back that user had svn-locked that file and later deleted from SVN by using keep-lock in svn commit window (or in somewhere the keep-lock played badly). How to fix it then? Go to the logs of that folder in which that the file was locked as explained in error message above (in my case, I went to UserAccountAuthentication logs).  Look for the file in one of the recent revision as below, right click and choose "Browse repository". This should bring up the repo version when that file existed in repo.  In the repo browser, right click that error file and choose the "Break Lock".  This should break the lock…
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