How to use FTDI FT4222H in LabVIEW

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There is a very good device named FT4222H from FTDI Chip which can be used for multi-interfaces like GPIO, I2C, SPI, Interrupt.  The nicest thing is you could access all those communication protocols directly using LabVIEW.  Generally speaking, if you work with a controlling application where your end-device uses such protocols, you could use this device to communicate with the end-device and make the life easier and design would be low cost too (device costs only $2.30). [caption id="attachment_617" align="alignright" width="200"] Fig. FTDI FT4222H Device Image[/caption] GPIO Interrupt I2C Master I2C Slave SPI Master SPI Slave Initially I assumed that this device would be straight forward to use for my application which required three of those features viz.. a master I2C, a GPIO and an Interrupt.  However, it turned out…
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